Welcome to our website.  Photographers possess a special kind of vision,
a unique way of seeing the world.  Yet, we must combine this gift with a
degree of business acumen if we are to succeed in sustaining our vision.  We
hope you enjoy our work and perhaps find it inspirational.  The site is
designed to be a showcase for our work and resource for photography, from
both a business and creative standpoint.

All photographs and text appearing in the faphoto.com site are the exclusive
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We require that you not use any image from the site other than simply
to view them in your browser from the faphoto.com website.  

Our goal for having a Web site is indeed to show work, but it is more
importantly to lease out our work, and services. Further, every use must be
recorded so that we can certify the exclusivity rights for any particular image.  
Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our site.

                                                                                    Mario Burton
faphoto.com copyright notice
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