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Photos by Manuel A. Burton
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Part 1.  TT Flat Track Mororcycle Scrambles Events in Southern California District 37 From 1967 to
1978.  Links below In
 "Green"..... because green means go !!  ....  :)   
Part 2.  A Few Rolls Of Film At The Beginnings Of The Ontario Motor Speedway Shot From 1970 to 1973
Of  USAC or The Indy Car Racing Series.  The Speedway Closed In 1981.  Links below in  
because green means go !!  ....  :)   
      What follows in the proceeding pages are some of my dad's legacy in the
photographs he took mostly of the district 37TT scramble motorcycle events in
Southern California from 1967 to 1978.   Among the archives are also some jeep
races and the beginning of the auto races at the since extinct Ontario Motor
Speedway.  I will post more if I come across anything else in the archives.......   
Part 3.  Vintage Racing Videos & Other Racing Sites  .... "On Any Sunday"  1971 movie FREE to
view here  online anytime !!  Other fun vintage videos, clips, links etc...  etc... from that era to be
posted as we see fit !!  Keep Racing !!
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