From around 1967 through about 1978,  Manuel A. Burton, my late father,  was the official track
photographer at three Southern California District 37 TT Flat tracks.  Perris, Elsinore and Adelanto.

It's now been just over 40 years since 'Manny' shot his first scrambles event, and 30 years since he last
picked up his cameras and headed to the track to shoot the motorcycles.  Manny passed on in 2003, still
focusing the camera on other subjects, enjoying his granchildren, and sending out his infectious 'smile'
towards anyone who would cross his path.  But 'papa' as his grandchildren called him left tons and tons
of his life's work in negatives, slides and images .... that in time I've of course come to appreciate more
and more.

Sooooooo .....  I've decided to take some time to scan his motorcycle 'proof' books from those days ....
which will be getting  posted as I get them done, online here at  The negatives seem to be
in pretty decent shape and I'm blessed to have some extra time to do this. Quite a project to tackle .....
but well worth it in honor of my dad's art and  hopefully to share some of those days once again with any
'old timers' still out there....  and their loved ones.

My mom Lillian still resides in Fontana California at the house I bought for mi mama and papa. And  If
you attended these tracks on the weekends in those days,  I'm sure you remember her also as she was
always there to assist my dad in his photo-bug endeavors.  .....  Lillian wrote a book called   ..............
......                        < link  ....  published in 2007,  and she said to say "hello to all you old timers"  too.  :)

As for me, growing up  as a kid at these tracks was sooooo awesome,  the sound, the smell,  the dirt, the
races,  just an indescribable and fun time to be a kid looking back.  I remember some of the names being
my hero's,  like national sports stars would be to other kids now-a-days.  

Some pretty famous racers did pass through this era of district 37 back then on their way to stardom in
not only Flat track, but in the later era of Motto-Cross, Speedway riding and Road racing  too.  If you
recognize anybody in these proofs, then by all means let us know, and let them know too.  All you guys
were great. Have fun looking these proofs over and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  

Note this project is a bit in the experimental stage .....   today I grabbed one proof book at random,
scanned it (posted below)  just to get a format going and online.  Eventually it will all be chronologically
organized as best can be.  I'd estimate ohhhhhh about 30 boxes with probably  12 to 15 proof books in
each one, and around 12 to 15 pages in each book.  So be patient  .......  I'll get um up. :)

Also .....  if enough interest is created through these pages, prints will be offered for sale again of these
timeless gems ..... it's all an experiment .....  such is life.  :)

Keep racing, and Peace.  ...... Mario Burton.
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Scrambles, District 37 So. Cal.
                1967 - 1978
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Perris Raceway April 20, 1969
note: I recognized John Rice right away ........  can you? :
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