Page 49 Proof Book Scans
 8/12/1978 to 11/5/1978 TT Flat Track
    District 37 So. Cal.  
    All Pictures
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   All Pictures
Copyright 2009
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Game Over. :)
Perris 8/12/1978  Old Timers
Perris 8/13/1978  AMA Pt. Run
Perris 9/17/1978  AMA Lightweights Pt. Run
Perris 8/19/1978
Perris 11/5/1978  AMA Pt. Run
The last motorcycle proof book I found in my dads stuff.... was actually the only "color
film proof book"  I came upon in his archives.  Guess he was documenting the change
coming  photography wise as color was becoming cheaper to shoot at the time then
B&W.   Anyway the third to the last shot ....  on the last page .... will always have a
special place in my heart.  He took a picture of "someone else"... shooting the
motorcycles that day ....     I can almost sense that he knew this would be his last shots
of the motorcycles ...... and he just wanted to take a picture  of another photographer
out there for history's sake.  Passing on the baton ...... so to speak to an unidentifed
someone else.  
Anyway,  I should mention that my dad not only took all these pictures ... but he
developed all  the film himself in the dark room  .... and proofed & printed  everything
also from week to week.  Geesh and I thought it was hard enough just scanning it all
and putting it online .. lol ...  ;)  ....  All the best.