Elsinore 7/22/1967 & 7/30/1967
Perris 7/23/1967 Hawthorne Gophers TT
Perris 7-30-1967 Steve Lyon Benefit
Manny's first Cycle News         
  Cover printed 10/26/67  >
of Rider Gary Jones.
Elsinore 8-5-1967
Perris 10-1-1967 Open Practice
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      Lets Go Racing !!!
proof book scans page 1.
The first few races it seems my dad Manny was getting the hang of it ..... but he
caught on pretty quickly  because he got his first 'Cycle News Cover' by about his
third event. ...   the quality of his work gets better and better  ... enjoy.
Faphoto.com TT Flat Track
  District 37 So. Cal.  
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Elsinore 10/7/1967 Gripsters TT.
Perris 11/5/1967  Open Practice
Hopetown 11/12/1967
Elsinore Jeep Race 11/18/1967 (really cool & muddy)
Elsinore 11/25/1967
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