Okay today I dug out the rest (that I found anyway) of my dads motorcycle racing photography proof
books and here are a few details I can summariize so far ....

I found 496 proof books.  It takes me about 30 minutes to scan and download each book and post it
online in the format I've chosen here.  If I devote about 2 1/2 hours per day to this (5 books a day)  I could
have these done (all online) in I'd estimate 3 to 4 months.  Of course going full bore 10 hours a day .... I
could do it in a month but then I'd have no life, become a hermit so on and so forth.  So a happy medium
will probably work itself out.

Secondly ....  about 3/4 of the books from the year 1970 .... and maybe 1/2 of the year 1968 ..... are not
scannable .......  water damaged from being exposed over the years to the elements ..... so ...... I'll throw
them in a separate pile and get back to them (re-proof from the negatives, maybe so at some point?)

Anyway, here is the breakdown by year (which I chronologically organized today, by date) . of how many  
events (races, proof books) my dad covered .... and shot photographs of from 1967 through 1978 .....

1967  =  16
1968  =  93  (half ruined)
1969  =  46  
1970  =  42  (3/4 ruined)
1971  =  64
1972  =  47
1973  =  56
1974  =  33
1975  =  67
1976  =  10
1977  =   0
1978  =  23

total   =  496 proof books  (with an average I'd say .... 12 to 15 pages in each?) ......... that's a lot of film
and pictures, most of it black and white photography (back in the day ya know).  

For those interested in such things I'd estimate to archive these proof books it's gonna take about 17
CD's  (12 Gigabytes) .......  and that would be about the same space they are going to take up online.

Besides the three main tracks my dad covered ( Perris, Elsinore, Adelanto) I found a few books from
Rawhide, Corona, and Hopetown, along with a few years of The Elsinore Grand Prix ..... not sure if he
covered the inaugural ..... but there is a book of the 2nd race.   

Too be continued ... maybe I should start  a blog on here with this info?  Tomorrow is another day  ....  


Look what I found ......   1968 District 37 Final Standings ......  Bike Numbers ..... and Points ....  check it
out .......




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                                                             Get used to it. :)
TT Flat Track Scrambles District 37, 1967 - 1978
              Photos by Manny Burton.
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