Well beside the obvious factors in
bringing your damaged pictures/images
back to life… repaired, enhanced, color
corrected,  including the removal of
scratches, fading, dust particles, and
defects,  there is also the 'forever quality'
factor of the digital image. Digital
images, unlike printed photographs are
immune to ‘fading’  with time.

Given this ‘timeless’ factor in the digital
age of photography means you only need
to have your photographs and negative
images repaired once.  And only once.
Years down the road your digital images
will look exactly the same as they did
today;  unlike ‘hard copy’ prints of  
yesterdays precious memories which
again exposed to the elements over time
will continue to fade, become damaged
and in possible worst case scenarios,  be
lost forever.

But now you can always take your
timeless restored digital images out to get
printed and 'reprinted' anytime you desire
without any image deterioration or
quality loss forever-and -ever.

*Final word of advice on digital images
in general;  It’s always a good idea to
‘save’ your images to an external hard
drive, thumb drive, etc...  and or E mail,
share them with family and friends so
that someone always has backup copies to
your images.  

**Any restoration work done for you
through faphoto.com will be recorded and
saved on our external hard drives also.
Why get your photographs digitally
restored, and E Mailed back to you
in high quality digital format?
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A.   E mail the scanned image's
(.jpg) as an attachment to us ... so we
can offer you a price quote ...

1. Scan your photographs (preferably at 300 dpi
or a higher resolution, .jpg only) and E mail
them as an attachment to  
Be sure to include your full name, and relevant
contact information in your e mail.

2. We will E mail you back a "price quote"
depending on the estimated work needed to
restore, enhance and if requested "colorize" your
photo ('s).

3.  Once you receive your quote from us... Use
the PayPal link provided below to complete your
order.  Just fill in the information accurately
including quantity of images scanned and sent.  
Use the drop down list corresponding to the price
('s) quoted in our response back to you.

**Prefer to pay by check for your order? No
problem, just be sure to include the following ....
Full Name and E Mail address so we can match
up your order with the .jpg images you attached
and sent by E Mail.  Be sure to include a
in case we have any questions about
your order. Total your order and make the check
out to  
Mario Burton  and drop your check in the
mail to  .......

Mario Burton (faphoto.com)
PO Box #902
Bloomington CA., 92316  

858 793-1276
Options on ordering a
Photo Restoration('s)
project from faphoto.com
Photo Restoration,  Digital Imaging,  
        &  Enhancement
Great memories from the past don't always have to involve people.  Favorite
long ago possessions caught on film are some of our most treasured artifacts.  
Your Finished Product;  :)  

Your Restored Images will be E Mailed
back to you within 5 working days of your
order being confirmed.  The restored image
quality (dpi) sent to you will be
at the
comparable to the image dpi you
originally sent to be restored.  The higher
quality image you provide us at dpi,
reguardless of the image 'damage'  the
higher quality image at dpi restored you
will get back.  It is just the nature of the
business. High dpi scans, along with
Negatives are the preferable medium to
work with if you have access to them and
are willing to part with them for awhile. :)  
We have strived for artistic and technical
accuracy over the years and that will never
change at faphoto.com.   "It's a profession,
but more then that it's an art"
Photo Restoration
Price quotes as low as $5 depending
on restoration work needed! See
details to the right  >
*If you would like faphoto.com
to scan your images for you ...
from photographs or negatives
(35 mm or 120mm) then please
feel free to E mail your
inquire to
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