Photo Enhancement or  Airbrushing  ....
Photo Enhancement covers a wide range of digital artistic techniques to "Glamorize" "Retouch"
"Manipulate" unwanted aspects, details out of a photograph ......... and or ......... at the same time ........  add
flattering aspects, details into the same photograph. A few examples below illustrate the "Glamorization"
process ........     
In this sample, the unflattering
forhead squinting wrinkles were
removed, the skin texture was
softened and color corrected,
eyeliner & makeup darkened
slightly, and the eyes were
retouched to further glamorize the
models portrait up to a level
suitable for publication.

The overall contrast and lighting
of the portrait was also corrected
along with a slight sharpening of
the image. Notice the 'well
defined' flowing hair and darker
sweater in the enhanced
glamorized portrait.   
Before / Original
After / Enhanced
The above sample took a thinning of the left cheekbone, a removal of the
distracting hair hanging on the chin line and ......  a bit of work on the models
left eye to manipulate it into making  more direct 'contact' with the camera.     
Final Product:  A simple
"Pinup-Style" Christmas Card.
The above samples obvious flaw was the defect on the models shirt.  A few other minor details in the portrait were
corrected also such as the removal of a shadow under the models left eye, and for perfection sake ...... removing  the
couple of spots at the very top of the picture above the models head.    
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Digital Imaging - Photo Manipulation
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Glamorization & Retouching prices are set at either $10, $15, or $20 per image.   

2.  After you have received your price quote simply click on the PayPal button below corresponding to
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Here's what to do if you would like to do any
Retouch-Glamorization work done on your images ...
Your finished glamorized image ('s) will be E Mailed back to you in  .jpg  format within 5
working days of  your order being confirmed.  The finished Retouched image at dpi sent to
you will be of at least comparable  image dpi you originally sent to be restored.  The higher
quality image you provide us at dpi,  the higher quality image at dpi Glamorized  you will get
back.  It is just the nature of the business. Higher resolution scans, of at least 300dpi are the
preferable medium to work with.  We have strived for artistic and technical accuracy over the
years and that will never change at   "It's a profession, but more then that it's
an art"
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