Use this page and information to order any 8x10 prints you may want after locating
them in the cycle  proof book scans ......

First .... A few things to cover about Black & White Negatives (especially vintage
ones)  which through my own examination in the last few months with many of my
dads Black & White negatives has proven to be true..........

Black & White negatives are a bit trickier to digitally duplicate because the automated
dust and scratch removal technologies available in even the best negative scanners
...... are not effective on black and white film.  In short it has to do with the silver
halide oxide grains in B&W  film which these scanners can't detect.  Thus scratches,
dust particles, deterioration and such ...... show up much more obviously in the
scanned images from Black & White film than a color negative or slide.

Once a B&W negative is scanned ....  the image needs to be taken into a digital
enhancement or restoration program like "Photo-Shop"  .... or something compatible.  
That is  what I will be doing  with all the  B&W negative scans to touch up, remove
scratches,  fading, dust particles, defects .... etc... etc.... .  Such is the digital
restoration process.

It's a bit more of a process than a straight Color Negative scan ..... even though I am
taking the motorcycle color scans through the digital enhancement process also.  I
got a thing about "Quality"  ..... so shoot me !  ha .....

What this all came down to was deciding on a fair price to charge for an 8x10 print on
these considering the restoration process involved.  And $44.00 each is what I
landed at ...... for now.  It's actually the bottom end for my time involved in getting a
very high quality pristine print for you guys if you would like to order any.

To order any prints ..... fill out the information below and follow the process described.
(please allow up to 2 weeks upon receipt of payment, and identification of your order to receive your print(s)

  Ordering cycle prints as of 2/22/2016 is simi-suspended for
the unseen future.  I however have decided for the time beign
to double the price for anyone who just has to have a print.
Unfortunately the time it takes to restore these negatives has
become a detriment to my time as of now.  It was a very fun 6
years offering these racing memories to you guys at the least $
I could do them for you.  The proof pages will continue to be
available here online at for your enjoyment. All
the best, Mario Burton :)  

  For those who still need prints for the $44 price ... send me
your order through or snail mail me a check
and the info to the address below.  You can still use the pay
pal button also following this note for payment.  All the best
and keep on racing!  :)   

            Now  drop a check in the mail ($44.00 for each 8x10 print )
                        for your total order made out to Mario Burton

                                                                 And mail it to

         Mario Burton, PO Box #902 Bloomington, CA 92316  ......

 ***** Include your  Home Mailing address .....  so I can get your prints to you ......

                                                        duh !!!

If you would rather list your order in either a separate e mail to me, or snail mail that
is fine too.  Whatever is easier for you ...... just be sure to include all the above
relevant information.  Thanks.  :)      

Last note on ordering ..... if you have examined enough of these proof pages of my
Dads motorcycle racing photography, you will notice a few different ways he
numbered his proofs over the years.  And some pages have no identifying proof
number on them whatsoever.  In that case ......  do the best you can to describe to me
what row .... and picture from the left of the page it is of the print you want.  All proof
pages have a Scan # ...... and date they were taken.  So we may take a few e mails
between us to identify the correct picture you want.  :)   Thanks again !!  

Final Note: My ultimate goal in the District 37 Cycle Proofs part of the
site....   Is to eventually get a photo book publication or two done of my Dads best
motorcycle vintage racing photography and sell it at the retail level in the motorcycle
racing industry.  Along with a few other ideas that are floating around .....

But until I get all the available proof books scanned and archived ..... to identify which
prints to include in the book ('s)  ......   I have no problem  offering  8x10 prints for sale
to those  who have inquired about it in the last few months.  All the best, and keep
racing ......

                                                                        Mario Burton.  
Ordering Cycle Prints TT Flat Track
   District 37 So. Cal.  
   All Pictures
Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved
Some Testimonials ...   

name = Tom Stanford
subject = great pics
comments = hi mario these pics are the best i have ever
seen. thanks so much. the custom pic is absolutly
awesome. thanks again.  your friend tom stanford

name = Ted Sumner
subject = that was fast !
comments = I didn't mount my photo, I got some nice
matt and a "Macho" but tasteful frame, it looks great so
thank you again.  I've started a list of proofs to double
check.  There are a bunch of us that are turning 60 next
month and one of the prints might be a side by side of
two of my friends so I'll want two prints of that one.  At
any rate I'll shoot you off some numbers this week and
we'll go from there.
Thanks Ted

name = Fred Bendraft
subject = Pics
comments = Hello again, I received the photos today
and you are right, they came out very good.  Thanks
again for them and all the info you provided.  I may order
some others in the future.  I found about 25 of them.  

name = Chris McQuillen
subject = Re: Hey Chris Your Steve McQueen print is in
the mail !
comments = Mario, I got the Steve print safe and
sound...looks great, and Im sure it will look even better
framed up.

name = Gary Whitehead
subject = Re: Racing Photos Perris 1971 In the Mail....
comments = I got the pictures the next day.  They look
great.  Thank you. Gary

name = Steve Mainini
subject = Re: Hello ! Picture is done of 5p from Perris
Raceway 9/17/1978...
comments = Hey Mario, I got the picture I ordered, Great
picture! The wife and I really like it. Back in the day, I
bought many of the pictures your dad took of me. I have
a racing album almost full of pictures he took of me
racing. I appreciate you posting his proofs, good job.
Brings back good memories. We'll buy more photos in
the future.
Thank you, Steve.

name = Tom Stanford
subject = pics
comments = hi mario got the pics. very good crisp and
clean pics. thanks mario. your friend tom stanford

name = Joe Herrera
subject = pics
comments = Thank's for the great photos, from Perris.
Thank you again, Joe Herrera.

name = Fred Bendrat
subject = pics
comments = Got the two pictures today and they are
great.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  Fred
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