Graphic Design masterfully done to advertise your product, service, or business using
composition techniques covering all aspects of the medium;  No job is to big or small for to accomplish in creating a visual representation of your ideas and messages
tailored specifically for your potential target market or audience.  Our simple motto over the
years has been "It's a profession, but more then that, it's an art"  ..........  
Graphic Design Advertisment Collages
Graphic Design
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 Each Collage
Send us your images and ideas, we will do the rest for you.  Or just send us your
images and again leave the rest to us.  Completed Collages will be E Mailed back to
you in high definition 300.pdf format suitable for print publication, and also .jpg
format optimum for publication over the world wide web.  

Don't have enough compelling images on hand? We can furnish them in-house upon
*Price subject to change at any time upon market demand. All pre-orderd collages clearing payment will of course be honored at
advertised price.  Please keep approval and order numbers obtained through PayPal and for future reference.  :)
Upload Images here in
.jpg format only, as an
attachment ...

Please allow 5 to 7 working days upon receipt of payment and **images furnished
drop date,  for your Collage to be completed (see the bottom of this page for more
information).  Thank you and E mail us with any questions or concerns.  "It's a
profession, but more then that it's an art" ......

**"Images furnished drop date", is the time frame of 24 hours after payment has been confirmed to furnish with any
extra images to add, or subtract from your original Collage order.  Certain minor changes can be made without extra charges to
your original order after the drop date up and until 48 hours later upon request, however we cannot accept any image submission
after the initial 24 hours 'drop date' time frame has expired.  "it's a profession, but more then that, it's an art" .....  thank you,