faphoto.com was originally founded  as
'Fine Arts Photography'  located in San
Diego,  California in 1996.

A few shots of the two locations are  
pictured to the right of this note.  The
on location business's existed  until
family matters brought me back to my
roots in the Inland Empire sometime
around 2007.  

Enjoying 'semi retirement' for awhile I
allowed myself the time to archive
some of my late fathers photography in
my down time, along with getting more
acquainted with the 'digital' age of the
photography profession.  Posted in
these pages is some of my own work
done out of my 2 studios in the 1996 to
2007 time frame.

Back in business again as of 2011,  I
welcome all inquires as to any future
digital photography services you may
require.  :)  

               Mario Burton
Creative Imagery
Sea World Tree and Moon ,
San Diego, Ca.
Danielle Yellow Flower
858 793-1276