Check out the videos being made to the 13 track
Walking The Plank CD at the above link along with a
free preview of all the songs.
Okay so you're probably asking what is Mar doing now selling
this CD on his photography website?  Well for those that don't
know, this is my other passion in life music ... and I have only
about 350 original versions left of my bands 1st CD to 'unload'
;)  before CD's become obsolete in about 5 years ! Just like
phono graph records, cassette tapes, 8 track tapes etc... etc...
.... :(  ...  

Original "Walking The Plank" CD by Blind Fold  goes right
along with my dad's racing photos you might say on this site! Ha
all will be collectors items someday if not already. ;)  Check out
the tunes at the links below .... and then take one home with
you either at the 'add to cart' button to the left or over at  All international orders please go through CD
baby as I am only able to ship these to the Continental USA
from  Thanks !
                      Mario Burton & The Fold &
Rare 1st lot new and
'Wrapped' when they're
gone they're gone .....
Check out free previews to all the songs here, and also
purchase individual tracks (mp 3's).  CD also  available
internationally  (world wide)  on  There is
also a huge list of down-loadable sites to purchase
individual tracks here too !  Listen to the left or click on
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